Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge


The Trail Running Challenge at Kilimanjaro 
From jungle to arctic conditions in a single event

→ 3331 HM on 30 km to 53331 HM

This is the biggest challenge for any trailrunner
Date: 10-16 February 2019

The Route

TheMarangu route on the east side of Kilimanjaro is sometimes also called the ‘Coca Cola route.’ This is essentially the only route where
trail running is feasible. The record for speed was reached on another route; one that isn’t suitable for our purposes. Our selected Marangu
route offers panoramic vistas stretching fromthe neighbouring mountain,Mawenzi, and far beyond into Kenya.We’ll be accommodated in cozy huts, where we can sleepmuch better than in tents. This supports both the acclimatization and regeneration processes.

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The Date: 10.2. - 16.2.2019

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We’re the gold standard for sport travel on Kilimanjaro.

Fitness and acclimatization are two different completely different things. Sport in altitudes above 3000 Hm is dangerous and a serious supervision is necessary.

As part of a research project for Dr. Renz, the Clinical Director of the University Hospital inMarburg, Germany, we developed newmethods for getting acclimatized to higher altitudes. Dr. Renz is a leading immunologist and is particularly interested in the importance of the adaptive immune system.

We’ve developed the route and the acclimatization plan for the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge based on our joint research Expedition.


Apply now for this unique challenge. We have only 35 places available