Our training "village" at 3,700 m

Kilimanjaro is a relatively easy climb. The real challenge of the Kilimanjaro Summit Race is the altitude.  At the summit (5,895m or 19,340 ft) oxygen levels are 50% of those at sea level.

For this reason, as a part of the acclimatisation program the mountain Bikers start at the Kilema Gate and ascent to Horombo Hut ( 3,700m) and hike down to Mandara Hut (2,700). The Trail Runner ascent directly to Mandara Hut. Next morning we ascent back to the high-altitude training camp at Horombo Huts (3,700 m).  This is our starting base for a daily training ascent to Zebra Rocks and on up to Kibo Hut (5,000 m), giving athletes the chance to develop their altitude conditioning.

Our medical team will conduct extensive tests with each athlete, providing important feedback on their level of fitness and degree of acclimatization.  Mental preparation and fitness are also vital.

We are family

The Horombo Huts complex is very much like a small village.  Athletes sleep in A-frame style huts with 3-6 beds each, which offer a real sense of community – important in this sort of adventure.

Hot meals are served twice a day, and our cooks will try to meet specific wishes of participants to the extent possible.  These training days also give athletes a great chance to take photos.