Trail running at Kilimanjaro on the route of world records

The Umbwe route is very scenic, very little used (by only 2% of all mountain tourists) and by far the hardest route Kilimanjaro has to offer.

Therefore, just the right thing for ambitious trail runners who want to test their limits.

This tour is extremely exhausting and recommended only to well-trained mountain athletes. Alpinistic experiences on challenging mountain routes, excellent surefootedness and good mental and physical fitness are conditions for participating in this event.

The landscape

The highlight of this trail are the 4 climate zones you run through in 5 days. You start in the tropical rain forest at 25 - 30 degrees, the tree line is at 3000 HM !! and you come to a heathland. From 3500 HM you are in a lunar landscape like on another planet and in the summit area you can see arctic glaciers.

The itinerary

All world records were run on this route. The recent record from Umbwe Camp to the summit was done by Karl Egloff in 4 h 56 min. But we do not want a new world record but the perfect mix of a trailrunning challenge and nature experience. We therefore use the Umbwe route for the ascent and stay for 2 days in the Baranco Camp for some acclimatization runs to  Lava Tour and Arrow Glacier Camp.

The summit day

Now it gets down to business!

We start very early in the morning at Baranco Camp and run over the Western Breach Wall to the summit area of Kilimanjaro. This wall was done for the first time  in 1978 by Reinhold Messner and is the most difficult ascent to Kilimanjaro. From 5500 Hm, it starts to get really hard. But ff you have mastered this challenge, it is not far any more to the famous wooden wall at 5895 Hm.

The way back is as spectacular as the first part. We run over Stella Point, Gillman's Point to Kibo Hut and after a short break up to Horombo Hut. There ist the finsih line of this  very long day with many deprivations and emotions. The next morning we have a  beautiful scenic run to the Marangu Gate.

The way back

Amazing Landscape

The way back from the summit is a fascinating open landscape until you reach Kibo Hut.

Kilimanjaro Summit Marathon

Kilimanjaro Summit Marathon

This is the 1. Marathon over the summit of Kilimanjaro and the MAXIMUM for any runner

We start in the are of Umbwe Gave and run over baranco camp to the WALL OF CHAMPIONS to the SUmmit of Kilimanjaro at 5895 Hm. . The race finish line is at Horombo Hut.


Preparation and acclimatization

The Kilimanjaro is an easy mountain but due to its altitude of 5895 Hm there is a big risk of high altitude sickness. This can lead to life-threatening lung or brain edema. There is a helicopter for mountain rescue at Kilimanjaro, but careful preparation and acclimatization is still very important.


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