We pick upwhere the Alps leave off.
Trail running events in the Alps usually take place between 2000-3000metres, at an altitude where you can essentially run for as long you like without any danger of altitude sickness. OnMount Kilimanjaro,we’re playing in a completely different league.

Covering four climatic zones in a single week. The only chance to do this is here!

We use the Marangu route in the east of Kilimanjaro. This route is very easy to run except for a few sections. The absolute highlight of the route are the 4 climate zones you run through in 5 days.

You start in the tropical rain forest at 25 - 30 degrees, the forest line is at 3000 HM !! and  come to a heathland. From 3500 HM you are in a lunar landscape like on another planet and in the summit area you can see arctic glaciers.

Trailrunning at Kilimanjaro

7.10. - 13.10. 2018

Test your limits

We start in the Sun of Afrikas und run to the  Arctic. This is an incredible and unique experience for every runner. Of course, we go to  the summit of Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa at 5895 HM.

You can´t get more impressions in one week!


Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

10.2.2019 - 16.2.2019

Be part of this phantastic Challenge. After some days of acclimatisation at 3000 - 4000 HM we  start with a unique trailrunning challenge 2700 HM and run to 5313 HM at William´s Point.

There is finally the finish line of the highest trail running challenge in Africa.

Our Team is the key for your success

Our Sports Director

Michael Snehotta has 18 years of experience in ultra and adventure running, includingmore than 300 competitions in 30-plus countries.

Some of his highlights:
Jungle Run Brasil,Marathon de Sables, The Track Australia The Black Ice Race Siberia, The Secret Bhutan,Marathon of Britain, 2 x finisher
in Tough Guy England.

Preparation and training plans
Michael can provide personalized training plans for participants. His company this1 also offers products that provide targeted support for
building the immune system.

The immune system is the key to acclimatization.

We organised a scientific expedition for the clinical director of the University Hospital Marburg / Giessen Prof. Dr. med. Renz. He has emphasized the importance of the immune system in altitude sickness. On this foundation we worked out an individual training and nutrition plan to support our athletes.

Prof.Dr. Renz

Preparation and acclimatization

Kilimanjaro is a technical easy mountain but due to its altitude of 5895 Hm there is a big risk of altitude sickness. This can lead to life-threatening lung or brain edema. There is a mountain rescue now at Kilimanjaro, so careful preparation and acclimatization is very important.

We work together with the sports scientist Gernot Stephinger, who  experienced Kilimanjaro with his MTB, and the high altitude preparation company of Markus Göbel.

We offer our customers:

  • a sports science test
    performance diagnostics
    training plans
    Acclimatization with the altitude tent

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