Sport scientific research program

The Kilimanjaro SUmmit Challenge is an oficial scientific research project from the University Hospital of Marburg and International Sports Travel.  The senior physician Christian Kreisel is a specialist in high altitude medicine on Kilimanjaro and has developed a special testing program for the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge.

We work in the interesting area of 1800 - 4800 m and give the athletes accurate data about their fitness and acclimatization. The high tourist infrastructure at Kilimanjaro offers ideal conditions to perform these tests.

In addition to physical fitness, these tests will also evaluate mental condition and motivation.  This exhaustive series will give athletes an ideal basis for judging their own physical and mental endurance.  For example, we’ll make use of a mobile ultrasonic device to measure heartbeat, and will also conduct blood and urine tests.

3-Step psychology and motivation test

  • before the trip
  • during the trainings camp
  • during the challenge

What is my underlying motivation?
How well am I connected with myself?

Tests during the training camp

  • Reaction test
  • Lake Louise score
  • Lead indicators of sudden performance loss
  • Hepatic edema (HACE)
  • Elevation edema (HAPE)
  • Sara score 

Test during the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

  • Reaction test at the Start point

Tests at Kibo Hut medical checkpoint

  • 2-min physical examination
  • take a blood sample
  • acid balance
  • 02 / CO2 balance


At Kibo Hut we also have two first-aid specialist physicians from Germany to provide treatment in the event of accidents such as bone fractures. We are working with a partner hospital near Moshi where the athletes can be treated insofar as they in a condition to be transported.