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sport diagnostics

The perfect preparation for yout successful adventure.

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Trecking Tours

Safe to the summit  with our sports medical concept

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A unique Challenge for any Trail-Runner to 5331 HM.

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Mountain Bike

The biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest Fun Downhill.

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Kilimanjaro is an underrated mountain!

Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and is considered to be the "easy hiking mountain" among the Seven Summits. But with 5985 HM it is already a high alpine challenge. At 4800 HM, only 50% of the oxygen is exhaled and this curve decreases exponentially. Of the approximately 30,000 tourists a year, only 50% make it to the summit and according to unofficial figures, there are around 50 deaths every year on Mount Kilimanjaro. We guarantee our customers 100%  perfect preparation and medical support, and on the last tour the  all participants aged 19 - 70 years reached the summit.

Our latest projects

Trecking, Wandern, Kilimanjaro, Trailrunning, Mountain Bike

Our last trip was a complete success!

All 21 participants aged between 19 and 70 have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro on our tour on the Marangu route. The journalist Stefan Nestler from Deutsche Welle accompanied our trip and reported extensively in his blog. Please click here for more infos.

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

Lecture in the outdoor shop Tapir in Marburg

Safe to the Summit! Kilimanjaro exerts a great fascination on many people, but is dangerous because of its high altitude. In my lecture I explain what you should consider for a safe trecking tour on Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

Cooperation with Ethopian Airline!

Visit the plateaus of Ethiopia and Kilimanjaro! We  offer to our customers a free stopover in Adis Abbeba. Ethiopia has a fascinating nature and a very old culture. The perfect combination for  acclimatization and preparation for your Kilimanjaro tour.


Our next Tour Dates

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

7.10.2018 - 13.10.208  24.2.2019 - 2.3.2019


Trecking, Wandern, Kilimanjaro, Trailrunning, Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike 

7.10.2018 - 13.10.208 24.2.2019 - 2.3.2019

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge
Trail Running

7.10.2018 - 13.10.208  24.2.2019 - 2.3.2019

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge 
10.2.2019 - 16.2.2019

Trailrunning at Kilimanjaro

durch den Dschungel auf den Gipfel

Trailrunning atKilimanjaro !

I am very happy to introduce the former professional ultra runner Michael Snehotta as our sports director for the trail running program at Kilimanjaro. Michael has participated at most of the ultras runs in the world like the Amazon Jungle Marathon, Black Ice Race, Last SECRET in BHUTAN or ULTRA BOLIVIA and is a very interesting personality.

The Kilimanjaro is still quite unknown as a location for trail running although it is a perfect location. Itis one of the few mountains in the world where you can run up to 5000 HM and a special experience are, of course, the 4 climate zones at Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge

Der Trail-Lauf-Event mit Michael Snehotta

with Joey Kelly in Sibiria

Der first Trailrunning-Challenge at Kilimanjaro 2019!

That's THE DATE for all ambitious trail runners. We train a few days for acclimatization. Then we GO

We start at 2700 HM and run through 3 climate zones to 5131 HM at William´s Point above of Kibo Hut Camp. 2411 HM auf 25 km


We are the Goldstandart at Kilimanjaro

Safe to the Summit

We offer our clients medical guided tours to Kilimanjaro with the highest safety standarts

With our partners from the Diagnostics Center Pfronten and high altitude preparation Markus Göbel, we guarantee a perfect preparation and acclimatization with the highest medical standards. Our tours are always accompanied by medical staff and we work with the best guides at Kilimanjaro.

Scientific research project at Kilimanjaro

Exploring new ways of diagnosis for the high altitude sickness

Medical project with the University of Marburg

Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world and  a perfect  lab to test the acclimatization and fitness of in high altitude. The team of Christian Kreisel from the University of Marburg has developed a special test program to get interesting data and training recommendations. In 2018 we started a medical expedition on Kilimanjaro with 23 trekking tourists  under the direction of the clinical director Prof.Dr. Renz . The test program took place on 1800 HM, 3700 HM and 4800 HM. All participants have reached the summit.

Leistungsdiagnostik & Trainingspläne

Für jedes Abenteuer die perfekte Vorbereitung.

Perfect preparation is the key to success.

You are a trekker, trail runner or mountain biker. Each adventure is an own challenge and requires individual preparation. Physical fitness and acclimatization has e.g. nothing to do with each other. Therefore a special training program is required.

We have a team of very professional sports scientists who are active in mountain sport or were professional athletes to prepare you for your succesfull adventure at Kilimanjaro.

trecking at Kilimanjaro

Safe to th summit

There are many ways to the Summit of Kilimanjaro! Most popular is the Machame Route in the west and the Marangu Route in the east.Personally, I think the Marangu route is much more beautifull because you have a lot more vision. You sleep in small wooden cabins which support a good sleep and  acclimatization. On the Machame route you will spend the night in tents, the trail is much more challenging and therefore it may be a bit more rustic and original. Of course we offer all routes on the Kilimanjaro with our gold standard.

MTB Tours to Kilimanjaro

The biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest fun Downhill

To experience the highest freestanding mountain in the world by mountain bike is finally possible. Take advantage of our unique experience in the field of acclimatization and fulfill your dream. 4000 HM DOWN HILL on 35 km are an unforgettable kick for every biker. You drive from Uhuru Peak to 5895 HM directly to our lodge. The next stop is at the bar with a good Kilimanjaro beer.

ATTENTION: This trip is only suitable for experienced mountain bikers and requires a very good fitness. Therefore you can not book this trip but must apply.


Mountain Bike Tour to Ngorongoro Crater

 Experience the savanna with all your senses! That is the theme of this unique journey. We ride with the mountain bike through the savannah and experience the most beautiful areas of this unique nature. The unique and phantastic Ngorongoro Crater is the highlight of this trip.

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