A warm welcome to the world's highest sports science lab!

The Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world and the roof of Africa. But it is also a perfect sport science laboratory to test the acclimatization and fitness of athletes at the interesting altitude of 1800 - 4500 m. The team of doctors from the University of Marburg have developed a scientific research program and give our athletes lots of interesting data as well as training recommendations.

This is a unique oportunity for 25 athletes to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro with your Mountain Bike or as a Runner and participate at a scientific research. We test your  personal physical and mental limits and give you training tipps for the future.

The Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge is a joint research project of the University Hospital of Marburg and International Sports Travel. Our aim is to refine the diagnostic procedures for altitude sickness in order to make sport in high-altitude even more secure worldwide. A maximum number of 25  trail runners or mountain bikers can participate in the study and get rewarded with very accurate data on their fitness and acclimatization. APPLY NOW: Click here

Who we are

The Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge is a project of the agency International Sports Travel from Germany. We offer sports camps with applied science with the focus on medicine, sports science and sociology. It is always important for us to focus  on nature and  human encounter with our products. We translate the modern knowledge of universities and translate it into sport projects. This is the democratization of science. More info can be found here.



The Route

The Kilimanjaro Park Administration recently opened the Kilema Route to mountain bikers. The Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge uses this new track. Trail runners will follow the parallel Marangu route.  Click here for more info.

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Acclimatization! Drive high ... sleep deep

The mountain bikers start at the Kilema Gate on 1800 HM, drive to Horombo Hut on 3700 HM and leave the bikes there. From there, they run or hike via the Marangu route to Mandara Hut at 2700 HM. The trail runners run directly to Mandara Hut. The next morning, all athletes run back to Horombo Hut and make a training trip to Zebra Rocks. The next day, all participants go to Kibo Hut on 4700 HM and back to Horombo Hut. The following day all athletes drive/run to Kibo Hut at 4700 HM + 200 HM to stay overnight- The next morning we hike to the summit and downhill to Horombo Hut.



The Date:

Research Project 2: 18.2.2018 - 25.2.2018 
A group of maximum 35 professionals and ambitious amateurs will test their limits on Kilimanjaro and to take part at the medical research project.  Apply here >>



The research project

 Christian Kreisel, a physician at the University Clinic in Marburg has developed specific tests to measure mountain biker and trailer-runner fitness and acclimatization levels at 1,800m, 3,700m and 4,700m above sea level.  Heavy emphasis is placed on understanding your concentration levels and reaction times. We offer our athletes  to quantify their  fitness levels in extreme situations as part of a scientific research project. 

This understanding of your own fitness and acclimatisation might just make the difference between success and failure in your next important race or summit. Here more infos

The program

On Monday we start  with the ascent to our training camp and test laboratory Horombo Hut at 3700 HM. On Thursday we ascent to Kibo Hut and try to reach the summit. Depending on the weather conditions, you can spend some time there and ride a mountain bike and return to Horombo Hut. Click here for more info

The next morning starts the real fun .. Downhill to the gate ..

The climate change has arrived at the Kilimanjaro and there was a stone avalanche in the summit area. It is therefore not possible to ride to the summit. Well-trained athletes can partly push and drive their bikes.


Training camp at Horombo Hut

Altitude (5,895 m above sea level) is the decisive factor that adds the true grit to the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge.

The basic rule of the height acclimatization is: run (or ride) high . . . sleep low.  As an integral part of the program, participants will have a mandatory 3-day training camp at 3,700 m for acclimatization. Click here for more info.

Safety: our paramount concern

Every athlete can be equipped with a GSM tracker which allows us to track the movement of each athlete in real time. All data are also displayed on a public website, so friends and family can follow their heroes live. Click here for more info.

Product tests and sponsors

The Kilimanjaro with its 4 climatic zones on 35 km and its good infrastructure is excellent suited for product tests. This year for the first time in history there will be an e-bike test to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The Chinese e-Bike pioneer Wai Won from ezeebike will bring 4 special bikes and will also be on the spot. The Kilimanjaro is a real beauty and well known in the world and therefore very suitable for products tests and sponsoring.


Optional add-ons

We offer our athletes a wide range of options for rounding off their stay at Kilimanjaro with other unique experiences to take home, including:

  • Trail running with Simon Mtuy, a well known ultra-runner from Kilimanjaro,
  • Ngorongoro Crater bike tours
  • Visit a coffee plantation or market in Moshi.

Starting from october 2017 we will offer eMTB tours at Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater.

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