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All Routes to the summit.  Speedtours in classical im Alpinstyle


Die biggest Challenge for any Trail-Runner to 5895 HM. 

Mountain Bike

Die biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest fun! 4000 HM and 35 km Downhill

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  • Trailrunning
  • Speed tours
  • all trekking routes to the summit
  • Mountain Bike Tours
  • MTB Safari at Arusha Nationalpark,
  • MTB and Trailrunning in Rongai,

Kilimanjaro is the perfect playground for outdoor adventures. Technically simple with an impressive altitude, a beautiful nature and perfect infrastructure.

Trailrunning to the summit of Kilimanjaro

Next Tour: 17.02.2020 – 22.02.2020

This product is exclusively available at our agency!

Trailrunning events in the Alps usually take place at altitudes between 2000 - 3000 m above sea level. Here you can actually run up and down as long as you want, without the danger of altitude sickness. At Kilimanjaro we play in a different league and run up to 5895m.

We start on the very beautiful Umbwe Route with scenic views of the summit. The first 2 days you have a lot of peace because this route is used very rarely. At Baranco Camp we start with our acclimatisation tours. Get more infos now: click here


MTB Tours to the summit

The biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest fun downhill

We are experienced and have 100% summit success to date!

To experience the highest freestanding mountain in the world by mountain bike is now finally possible. . 4000 HM DOWN HILL on 35 km are an unforgettable kick for every biker. You drive from the Uhuru summit at 5895 HM directly to our lodge. The next stop is at the bar with a good Kilimanjaro beer.

We offer trekking tours on all routes

and have 100 % summit success to date ! We  design the ideal trip for every customer. Whether you want to reach the summit in 7 days or a speed ascent in 3 days. We have realized all variants successfully.

  • Individual tours with personal accompaniment from Frankfurt Airport
    Group trips up to 20 persons
    Alpine style with overnight  on crater camp.
    Speed ascent in 2- 3 days


sport science and training plans

Perfect preparation for your next adventure

Perfect preparation is the key to success.

No matter whether you are a hiker, trail runner or mountain biker. Every adventure is its own challenge and requires individual preparation. Physical fitness and acclimatization, for example, have nothing to do with each other.

We have a team of very professional sports scientists who also actively do sports themselves or used to be professional athletes in order to prepare our customers perfectly for your next adventure.


In the service of science at Kilimanjaro

Medical research project with University Hospital in Marburg / Germany 

Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world and the roof of Africa. It is also a perfect test laboratory to test the acclimatization and fitness of athletes. The team of Christian Kreisel from the University Hospital Marburg has developed a special test program to give a lot of interesting data and training recommendations.

We started in February 2018 with 23 participants under the direction of the clinical director Prof.Dr. Renz to a medical expedition at Kilimanjaro. The test programme took place on 1800 HM, 3700 HM and 4800 HM. All participants reached the summit.

Luxury and Adventure in Nepal.

Everybody who loves the mountains knows Reinhold Messner.

In cooperation with the largest hotel chain and founder of the tourism in Nepal, I offer my clients unique tours on the trails of Reinhold Messner in Nepal.