Rainer Braehler | Race Director and Head of Marketing

Rainer is the owner of  the agency International Sports Travel and founder of the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge. He recently went to Kilimanjaro with Elias Lyimo, and together they  take care of all athletes and the medical team.

Christian Kreisel │ High altitude medical specialist

It was during his training as a physiotherapist that Christian Kreisel discovered his passion for the mountains.  For his studies of human medicine in Marburg he wrote his doctoral thesis together with Professor Braun and Professor Jansen in the field of high altitude medicine. The official title: "With MRT detectable morphological changes of the brain after elevation of more than 5,000 m for hobby mountaineers". Christian Kreisel has completed long-term studies on Kilimanjaro and has reached the Uhuru summit several times.

Christian is the leader of the medical research team for the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge.

Elias Lyimo │ Organization

Elias Lyimo and his team are our regional partners on the ground at Kilimanjaro. His close contacts and relationship of trust with park management are what make the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge possible.
Elias' career is closely intertwined with Kilimanjaro. He was born of the Chagga tribe at the foot of Kilimanjaro. He began his working life as a carrier on Kilimanjaro 25 years ago and still remembers those "good old days" when you had to carry 40 kilos on your back, sleep in caves and cook over an open fire. Fortunately those days are gone.  Elias knows every stone and path on the Kilimanjaro and has stopped counting the number of times he's been to the summit. His depth of experience is our guarantee for the smooth organization of the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge.