Trailrunning with Simon Mtuy

Simon is an internationally experienced mountain- and ultra-runner from Kilimanjaro. He even held the world record for Kilimanjaro summit running for several years and  prepared and accompanied the current world record holder Kilian Jornet on his run on Kilimanjaro summit. We offer day trips around our lodge. Simon is a great inspiration for any athlete, so we highly recommend this day tour.

Bike tour to the Marangu waterfalls

The Marangu waterfalls are close to the  Marangu Gate and ideal for relaxed daytrip on a bike. Starting at our lodge, we bike around 70 km on the lower slopes of the Kilimanjaro.

3-Day mountain bike tour to the Ngorongoro crater 

A hint of Noah's ark with a profusion of wildlife. An absolute paradise for animal-watchers!!
Day 1: Bike tour to Arusha to the Empala Hotel  - about 90 km
Day 2: Bike tour to Mto wa Mbu to Twiga Lodge - about 50 km
Day 3: Mountain bike uphill to Ngorongoro Gate  - (caution: rather steep )  -about 50 km
Jeep tour through the crater..
return to the Lodge
Day 4: return to the Lodge in Moshi