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Summit Kilimanjaro in alpine style without porters!


The Sky Race Challenge for any Trail-Runner to 5895 HM.

Mountain Bike

The biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest Fun Downhill.

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who we are

We are the leading  agency for sports travel for Kilimanjaro and have organized many tours for athletes allready . The basis of our work is the scientific expedition with the clinical director of the University of Marburg on high altitude sickness. Sport at these altitudes requires a particularly careful preparation.

We are the perfect partner for your dream tour on Kilimanjaro!

Trailrunning at Kilimanjaro

Next Date: 18.2. - 23.2.2019

Trail running at Kilimanjaro on the trail of the world records

Trail running events in the Alps usually take place at an altitudes between 2000 - 3000 Hm. Here you can actually run up and down as long as you want, without the risk of high altitude sickness.

At Kilimanjaro we play in a different league and run as high as 5895 Hm.

The key to the summit is the Western Breach Wall or Wall of Champions. The steepest climb on the entire Kilimanjaro.

This is one of the most demanding skyraces in the world. Here more information: click here

Kilimanjaro Summit Marathon

The highest skyrace in the World

Trail running marathon over the top of Kilimanjaro

Run to the highest peak in Africa (5,895m) at the Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge!

Master what has been dubbed the Wall of Champions, where the likes of Kilian Jornet have set records.
Endure four climate zones: run from the tropical jungle to the Arctic. It's the perfect mix of physical
challenge and extreme outdoor experience.

MTB Tours at Kilimanjaro

The biggest Challenge Uphill and the biggest fun Downhill

To experience the highest freestanding mountain in the world by mountain bike is finally possible. Take advantage of our unique experience in the field of acclimatization and fulfill your dream. 4000 HM DOWN HILL on 35 km are an unforgettable kick for every biker. You drive from Uhuru Peak to 5895 HM directly to our lodge. The next stop is at the hotel bar with a good Kilimanjaro beer.

This trip is only suitable for experienced mountain bikers and requires a very good fitness. Get more infos here

Trekking at Kilimanjaro

All Routes with best service

We offer trekking tours on all routes

  • Individual tours with personal accompaniment from Frankfurt Airport
  • Group travel up to 20 people
  • Alpine style without porter with overnight at the summit camp

sport science & Training plans

Für jedes Abenteuer die perfekte Vorbereitung.

Perfect preparation is the key to success.

You are a trekker, trail runner or mountain biker. Each adventure is an own challenge and requires individual preparation. Physical fitness and acclimatization has e.g. nothing to do with each other. Therefore a special training program is required.

We have a team of very professional sports scientists who are active in mountain sport or were professional athletes to prepare you for your succesfull adventure at Kilimanjaro.

Scientific research project at Kilimanjaro

Exploring new ways of diagnosis for the high altitude sickness

Medical project with the University of Marburg

Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world and  a perfect  lab to test the acclimatization and fitness of in high altitude. The team of Christian Kreisel from the University of Marburg has developed a special test program to get interesting data and training recommendations. In 2018 we started a medical expedition on Kilimanjaro with 23 trekking tourists  under the direction of the clinical director Prof.Dr. Renz .

The test program took place on 1800 HM, 3700 HM and 4800 HM. All participants have reached the summit.

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